Apple Watch App

With the Apple Watch being released soon, I am very excited to use it within my everyday life. I use Newsblur throughout the day, and I would love to be able to check my RSS feeds at a glance on my Apple Watch. I was hoping that you could make an Apple Watch version of NewsBlur that would allow people to look at their feeds at a glance. Of course, the practicality of actually reading articles on an Apple Watch is slim, but being able to have a glance at the headlines, and then being able to handoff to an iPhone or iPad would be quite valuable. That’s not to say that I don’t think that there should be an option to read an article of the Apple Watch, because I certainly would it I could. To sum it up though, I think that NewsBlur has a lot of potential on the Apple Watch, and I hope that you consider eventually bringing your product to it. Also, thank you for making such a great product that I use every day and I can’t wait to see how it evolves,