App/site keeps timing out or going offline for the last couple of days

For the last 48-72 hours the app and website have been timing out a lot. Sometimes my feeds will load quickly and sync (and will have to store the last 11 or 12 hours) but then when I start to read, it times out. Other times it won’t load my feeds at all. Have noticed on both the iOS app and on the website. Have tried restarting the app, restarting iPad and wifi, with no luck. Wifi access and internet is otherwise ok on my pc and iPad. Haven’t seen any other mentions in the last couple of days so don’t know if it’s a widespread issue or just me.

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Hi Jen, I’m not sure what’s the cause but I cleaned up the app servers and rebooted one of them. If that doesn’t do it try restarting your phone. Why it’s happening on the web as well is anybody’s guess.

Know that there was a widespread internet outage last week, but you wouldn’t have been able to hit many sites during the outage.

It was working much better in the iOS app on my iPad this morning and is working fine on the web.  Thanks Samuel!