App share sheet duplicates URLs shared

Sharing a story through the share sheet doubles-up the URL that’s shared, like so to Messages: 

In fact, given that since iOS 10 we’ve had good previews for URL content in messages, share-to-messages in particular should probably only include the URL and not bother with the title. As-is, I have to manually delete a bunch of stuff from the content shared before I can send it.

Incidentally, just choosing the “copy” share option actually triples the URL:

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(This isn’t a new development in iOS 11, I’ve just been super-lazy about getting around to writing a report for it.)

I’m thinking something changed in the background in iOS 10 that broke this a while back, because NewsBlur is not the only iOS app that has this problem FYI.

It’s the only one I’ve noticed it in, but I’ll grant that the set of apps I regularly share stuff from is pretty small, and it’s entirely plausible others fixed it before I ever saw the problem.

I just duplicated it in another iOS app, but it’s only doubled again when doing the clipboard option. A quick Google search showed nothing where others are reporting it en masse.

However, I did find one thing I wanted to point out that might be nice. Apparently you can also do a share sheet option where you just pass the URL to get the Copy Link functionality, which I wouldn’t complain about having either. Not sure I’d want to get rid of Copy if it’s one or the other though.

Thanks for all the responses in this thread. I checked all of the share sheet options and they all work perfectly except for iMessage. And if you take a look at the code you’ll see that I’m setting up the share sheet properly.…

What actually gets provided to the activities actually is elsewhere in the code — I had gone through all the options last year and tried to fix them up but clearly something has changed since then!

Thanks for this Nicholas! I’ve got some nice changes going for iOS 11 and should hopefully beta test for a week and push this out soon enough.