App on iPad automatically logs out, need to login every time

Just a few days ago, I suddenly find myself needing to login to the Newblur app almost every time I open the app, sometimes even during the same session when I navigate to a website then back to Newblur I find that I have logged out and need to login again.

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Now this is a new one. I use the ipad/iphone app all the time and it never logs me out. Try explicitly logging out and back in and see if that elps. Otherwise, try just deleting the app and reinstalling. 

I have tried deleting the app and re installing, no fix there.  Just tried explicitly logging out and back in and no good either.  When I start the app, it looks like it is loading with the process icon in the lower right running, then it will suddenly jump straight to the login screen.  It seems to do this when iOS closes the app to conserve memory or when I force close the app.