Any way to turn Newsblur into a daily email?

Does anyone know if there is any feature that will take all of your “green” (focus) articles and put them into a daily email that can be sent out? If not I think that would be a great feature because frankly I don’t have time to go through Newsblur every day. Its great that Newsblur filters out the most relevant articles (which has already saved me a ton of time), but it would be even better if I could get the articles I have filtered out in the form of a daily email. Thanks!


You know, this was an idea I badly wanted exactly a year ago, but after thinking about it I decided against it. Thats what the app is for, and it does a much better job of helping you read. You can just open All Site Stories in Focus mode and you’ve already got something much better than email.

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I see what you’re saying. I guess the reason I’m asking is more because right now I am trying to find a way to distribute news to my team at my company. I have put all of the time into making my RSS Reader “smart”, and I wish that I could send some sort of newsletter out that would let them stay informed with the most up-to-date news because they aren’t aware of the most important news to our sector of the company. Thanks for the response though Samuel and let me know if Newsblur starts to develop some sort of “Newsletter” type thing in the future.

I initially thought this would be a bad feature suggestion, but I think the newsletter-like feature would be a very good addition for a niche market that needs to compile content from RSS feeds for a team or something.

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If Samuel doesn’t want to build it, someone could probably build. it by using the Newsblur API. Just query it once per day and send out an email if there’s any new articles.


I unfortunately have no computer science experience but keep me updated if someone builds it. It would be great for me and I’m sure a ton of other managers around the world.

I don’t personally need this because I check NewsBlur every day. But my wife, who may only have an RSS update once or twice a week, would benefit from a nightly email with any stories that are waiting to be read. I realize this is a different use than the original post, but the original request would also help my case. I don’t want to hijack this topic, and I’ll create a new one if preferred.

This is something that I would probably use too.

Would be very helpful.

Not hijacking at all! Sounds like what I need.

are you paid newsblur users? Do you want your shared stories to be emailed or all of your incoming articles to be emailed? The latter could be a HUGE email.

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Any email that NewsBlur sends fits nicely in this thread. However, wouldn’t the email be huge? Hundreds of unread stories, even in focus mode. Now we’re talking about an algorithm and that has never been a NewsBlur feature or competency. So I don’t think of sort of filtering other than naive filters like focus mode, and perhaps a date order with a limit of 3 articles per feed. But that doesn’t sound very compelling, does it?

We’re not paid users.

Sorry, I somehow managed to leave out the distinctive about my wife’s use. For her it would be sufficient if the message said only “you have a story waiting at NewsBlur.” Counting the stories or listing titles would be nice, but just a email notification that a one or more stories were available would be sufficient.

I’m not really motivated to spend my spare time making a Newsblur feature for free users. I don’t work for Newsblur, but there’s even less incentive on my part.


Sang-Ho’s my intern. He’s actually done a really good job of hyper-focusing the filters so it’s less than 20 articles a day max.

The issue that we’re trying to solve for is this: I have a couple of key people across my group that need to know what is going on more broadly in our space because of how fast the industry is evolving. However, most days we are in back-to-back meetings and do not have time to go through Newsblur or any website/app for that matter. We do however have our devices with us in the meetings and can do email. So if they can get 1 email a day that covers 80-90% of relevant articles/news and can scan it in 30 seconds and go deeper on what they need to, that saves a ton of time and enables my business owners to make more informed decisions and react in real-time.

Oh - and I’m totally fine paying for more licenses to get a daily digest functionality - that isn’t the issue. I’m just all too aware that this is not the format that works for a number of team members.

I’m a dev on an open source project, and I really understand and appreciate the motivation factor. I’m just chiming in to be counted among those that would use it, and to describe a different use case for the feature. If it happens, great, and if not, that’s okay too. :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, I suspect that the case I’m describing, where someone has few/slow-enough feeds that they would benefit from an email notification, isn’t likely someone for whom a premium account makes sense.