Any way to fix Story View for Goodreads' feed?

Goodreads seemingly made some changes a few months ago, and ever since then items in my private dashboard feed cannot be viewed in Story view. They work partially in Feed and Text views (in different ways, neither ideal). Any way to get Story view back?

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Ah-ha, that would be entirely up to them, I’m afraid. I suggest emailing them or just asking on Twitter. I suspect they don’t intend to do it, and perhaps might entertain a suggestion to whitelist NewsBlur.

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Thanks, Samuel. I’ve contacted them!

Goodreads’ customer support rep was surprisingly great, but I’m guessing this bug won’t be fixed any time soon, if at all. For anyone else affected by this, this was the final reply I received:

I’ve asked one of our engineers about this, and he’s been able to clarify that this is expected behavior on our end. Being able to share more rich content on RSS readers is a great suggestion. We’ll definitely consider adding support for that as we continue to improve the site.

My BS translator has translated this to “Sorry, you’re SOL.”  

I hate this era of the internet that is so anti-RSS. Functional RSS shouldn’t be a “feature” or a “suggestion.” It should be a standard for every website, for a whole host of reasons.

Thanks for all you do, Samuel. Running NewsBlur in the face of some of these screwy feeds must be a real pain sometimes!