Any idea why the Stack Overflow recent items feed [] just returns the blog feed in NB?

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Be careful when you add the feed, as NewsBlur recommends the blog feed in the pop up. Do not select any of the suggested feeds and it should add the recent questions feed correctly.

I understand this is a really old question, but, is there anyway to have a Stackoverflow feed that contains the answers too?  That would be very helpful and informative.  

I have tried adding the feed (e.g., as above) and it only shows the initial question in both Text and Story view.  I would love to see the answers in the Text view too.  (possible?)

That’s what the Story view is for. It’s the only way to get everything. Otherwise you’re stuck with what’s in the RSS feed and what the Readability text extractor can detect on the page.

Hmmm… I just added to Newsblur.  I see the list of questions in the middle pane but when I click on “Story” it automatically switches to “Feed”.  It doesn’t actually show “Story”.

I can select “Text” and it shows me just the Stackoverflow question on the right side.  I can click on “Feed” and it shows me the question.  But when I hit Story it automatically chooses “Feed”.

I would be happy with “Story”…