App crashes when clicking the newsblur icon. Going into settings and force stopping the app before running the app allows it to work again .

app version: 4.6.0b2
android version: 5.1.1
device: samsung SM-G920I (universal7420)
sqlite version:
username: bkrokad
memory: normal
speed: 0 feeds in conn:0 read:0 parse:0 store:0
premium: unknown
prefetch: no
keepread: no


Yep, this is a known bug in the Beta and is fixed for an upcoming release.

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Joining the club… the newest beta fixed the ‘Mark all read’ crash - but introduced a very frequent ‘I just started the app’ crash - and a few random crashes during use (usually when returning from reading an article in an external browser). Looking forward to the next version!

Yeah, we are working throught some pretty hefty changes to the app lifecycle so that it works well on all Android versions including Marshmallow.  Thanks for being part of the Beta so we can smooth things out!