The unread count has been wrong for months. I have cleared the data and logged back in and nothing works to correct the problem.

app version: 4.2.1
android version: 4.4.2
device: samsung SM-G900W8 (MSM8974)
memory: normal
speed: 28 in 8 and 110
premium: no
prefetch: no

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We’d love to fix this. What’s your username? We’re tracking this issue here:

Which unread counts are incorrect?  All Stories, or also for individual feeds?  When you tap into a feed or folder, does the list of stories match what you see on the web (with regard to unread state)?  When you pull to refresh (or hit refresh in the menu) does the status bar at the bottom of the feed list show any messages?

Samuel Clay must have fixed this. It works now - after months of it not working!