Android: Youtube videos shows a message saying "not available"

I think that this is not the feeds fault,but newsblur bug.

For some YT videos the YT shows a message saying “not available”,but when I click on the video title an open the video on an external browser I can play the video without any problems

Can you post an example of a feed and story that has this issue? Loading up YouTube videos works fine on my Pixel 2.

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I have this with the F1 Feed on the normal web based site, I suspect is same for you.

I looked a while back to see if I could find out why for my case, pretty sure it will due to the content producer having made a decision as such, see:

I just now do as you are, opening the video externally.

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In my case,I’m pretty sure that this is a newsblur android app bug, and the bug isn’t related at all with
Because the embedded YT video works on the website, when I open the article in an external browser.

I’ve posted the feed example link.