Android widget to show only unread items?

I recently started to play with the android widget that displays the latest news directly on the primary screen of the phone. It is nice, though I think it does not update fast enough (I need more time with that).

However, I have two issues with that:

  1. I think I cannot distinguish read and unread stories (if the distinction is there, it is very subtle).
  2. It would be great if it could be configured or if it would be default that only unread stories would show. That way, I could actually use it to track new stories.

Could you post a screenshot of how it looks for you? I’d love to see, since every Android device is different.

Here you go. Actually limiting the widget just to a few stories is also not ideal, when enlarged, the widget does not grow. All the stories are read.

Currently the Android widget has a limit of 5 entries and it shows unread & read stories from non muted feeds.

Indeed. So the two remakrs I had in the initial post holds. There are other apps that have a scroll in the widget so I do not see a reson to limit it to only five entries.

If there was a functionality to mark entries as read, that would be even better.

As of now, I removed the widget, in its current state it is not very useful to me, unfortunately.