Android Update Limits Story Titles to Two Lines

The latest Newsblur update for Android no longer presents story titles in their entirety. On the title list for a feed, only the first two lines of a title are presented. The rest of the title is deleted.

Often, this makes it impossible to determine the precise subject matter of a story.

The new customizable text preview feature is not a substitute for being able to see the full title of a story. While a few feeds, such as The New York Times feeds, have preview text with useful information, most other feeds have preview text that usually contains useless information, such as the attribution for a photograph.

Also, the new font for titles is much less legible than before the update. As best as I can determine, this font cannot be changed.

[Pixel 4a - Android 11]

Mind posting a screenshot? I’d love to see what you’re seeing.

Here is a screenshot of one feed:

Yep, you’re right, we killed that feature. Full title was an Android-only feature and caused a number of headaches from feeds that gave overly long titles. It was also out of spec with the rest of the site, where the consistency of height balances the density of information. Now with 2 lines you have a consistent number of stories in a given space.

In your preview I see that you’re using a larger font size. So I opened a ticket to figure out how easy it would be to expand that to 3 lines for Large+.