Android: unread counts stuck

Since a while ago, the unread counts for all my feeds are stuck: they don’t get reset to 0 when I mark all stories as read, and they don’t increase when there are new stories.

I tried clearing the app’s data and even reinstalling, but they keep those same values.

app version: 4.1.0
android version: 4.4.2
device: HUAWEI H60-L04 (H60-L04)
memory: normal
speed: 5 in 81
premium: no

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Are you by any chance using an SD card?

I do have an SD card in my phone, but have not moved the app to the SD card. It’s possible that the app uses it for storing data, but like I said, clearing the app data doesn’t help.

What’s your username so we can investigate?

It’s hermanbovens. But it seems you already investigated because today the counts are ‘unstuck’, thanks!