Android: tap on story title leads to a different story

In the Android app, the following *sometimes* happens:

  1. I’m reading a folder of feeds and see a story I want to read.
  2. I tap on the story title.
  3. Up pops a full story, but it’s not the one I tapped. It’s one from the same folder, not necessarily the same feed.
  4. I back up and try to tap again and still get the wrong story.
  5. If I back all the way to the list of folders, then re-select the folder, it fixes itself.

Today, I think I might have figured out more specifically when it happens, but I can’t be sure. I *think* it happens if a new story has arrived for the same folder while I have the folder story list still open.


Yep, this is a known bug (reported here, amongs others:…)

It’s near the top of our list, but we don’t yet have a solid fix.