Android story view no longer shows scrollbar

Recent update of the Android app no longer shows the scrollbar when reading a story, even when scrolling up or down, making it hard to get an idea of the length of a story.

Noticed with 10.3.0, unsure about the version it worked in, but was correct within the last week.

If this is intentional, it would be nice to get a config to re-enable this, and even go further and always have scrollbars visible.


Yeah it’s certainly not intentional. Have there been any webview upgrades on your Android device? I am not able to reproduce the issue, so i don’t know what’s causing it.

Anybody else noticing this? Would love to reproduce it so we can fix it.

I’m using Android System WebView 90.0.4430.66 for ‘WebView Implentation’, and if it makes a difference the NewsBlur Default Browser is set to ‘System Default’.

Haven’t been paying attention to recent upgrades, but Play Store gives a 13th April date, which is feasible for causing an issue in the time frame I laid out.

EDIT: recent upgrades of WebView that is.

I use 10.3.0 and don’t see the scrollbars. I’m not sure if they recently disappeared but I’ll spend some time in a few days to debug it.

I’m seeing the same issue, and have been for awhile (a few months?). I thought it might have been due to a system wide Android change but this post makes me think otherwise because I see scroll bars in other apps. In my browser (Brave), it appears for a few seconds and then fades out.

app version: 10.3.0
android version: 10 (HD1905_14_210128)
device: OnePlus HD1905 (msmnile)
Android System Webview version 90.0.4430.82

Just tested with 90.0.4430.82 and it shows the same behaviour as well. Checked on an Android 11 device, I can’t recall if it showed up before or after the upgrade.

Can confirm that Chrome shows the behaviour mentioned above still, appears for a few seconds and then fades out, which is what I had on a story previously.

I didn’t mention, but the scrollbar is still showing that way for the feeds and folders lists, just not for stories.

@samuelclay The scrollbar was restored.

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Deployed to the Play Store as 10.3.1. Should be public in a few hours.

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Working as previously now. Thanks for the quick response and turnaround!

Confirmed for me as well. Thanks much!!