Android: stories marked as read as soon as I open feed

As soon as I open ANY feed I see exactly as expected unread stories but after a second or two all those stories become greyed out (like read stories). If I go back it still shows the same number of unread. So the stories are NOT marked as read. They are just greyed out just as they are read

app version: 4.6.1
android version: 5.0 (LRX21R.A1439892504)
device: LGE LG-D855 (MSM8974)
sqlite version: 3.8.6
username: mindless
memory: normal
speed: 21 feeds in conn:5200 read:3 parse:32 store:102
premium: no
prefetch: yes
keepread: no

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Sorry for the confusion.  This is a known issue with non-premium accounts in 4.6.1 that has been fixed in the beta releases for a while now.  You can join the beta for an immediate fix or hold tight for the fixes to go wider.