Android still not consistently marking items read

The android app will not remember which items I’ve read. I’ll read a feed, and next time I open it all the read items are back unread.

It also doesn’t consistently sync to the web interface: Something I’ve read on android is unread again on the web interface.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the app, logged out and back in, and clicked the sync button until I’m blue.


Me too. Got worse over the last days, so now I don’t use the app in order not to have to go through all of my feeds twice…

Hold on tight. There is a big android update 2 months in the making that is on the way some time soon and at least partly addresses these issues.

Could you clarify what you mean by partly? I consider this is a core function for a news reader.

The way I have found to “fix” this is to hit the refresh button regularly. The Android app does not seem to push state changes itself in any sort of reliable fashion but if you hit refresh it seems to force the issue. Works for me anyway.

That is very good news ojiikun. For the moment the Android app is a real weak point in my experince of Newsblur.

There are a number of root causes for why things fail to appear marked as read. 1) bookkeeping what you tap/swipe thru 2) successfully calling back to the server despite network availability and 3) refreshing the local view often enough, but not too often.

We’ve done a lot of work on (1) and (3), and work on (2) is a more general set of improvements slated for later this summer once the app is more feature-complete.

definitely worse recently. I came here trying to find what was going on. I’d opened the app this morning and refreshed my feeds, then started reading (one by one, swiping off left to mark as read) and teh same feeds showed again, and again, adn again. I went back to the front, refreshed, back in, some of them were still there, some had gone, some others were repeating, some not. Aaaargh.

Please ojiikun get the update right!

I really miss the google reader option of looking at it via a mobile web site, and showing 10 feeds at once, then marking all 10 as read. It is such a waste of your bandwidth to have to load the whole feed content for stories I am not going to read. If you could have something that could do this you’d save yourself money!

I love Newsblur … but using the Android app is a real chore. With Press (my favorite Android reader) announcing support for feedly’s API, and finding myself lately reading via Android more than the web, I’m tempted to just switch – but I can be patient a little longer.

I’m still having this problem on 2.0.2

All of the known bugs around marking-as-read have been fixed as of 2.0.2, though we are still at work on general issues with ensureing API calls get made as needed. If you have any particular reproducible cases where reading stories does not immediately update unread counts on the main feed list, please to send them along!

I’m having the same problem too. When I mark items asd read in the Android app they are not marked as read on the web application. Very frustrating.