Android: Starring/Saving Stories

I know you already have this on your agenda, however, since it did not find it’s way into to the last update, i just wanted to put some weight on this. Also because i often find myself reading a story that is sometimes not so great to consume on the phone, like videos or bigger images.


Yup, slated for the next Android release.

As your desktop application acts as referee, the android app slopes: Took an intense look at Taptu, which is very beautiful and functional, and, I must confess, the only reason I didn’t defect was your rival’s murky beta-stadium-desktop application… Please, don’t neglect android’s must-haves.

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Any further update on this? I’ve taken to sharing items to Dropbox just so I can keep hold of things I want to read later.

I too am interested in knowing when the next Android update will ship. There are several outstanding issues I am hoping will be resolved but I haven’t seen a single place that list what updates/fixes will be included in the next release.

Two big ones for me in addition to the save for later option is to add a confirmation to the delete feed link. Also I am still regularly seeing duplicate feeds and folders.

Thanks! Love the desktop app and hope to see the Android app come up to par. I mainly use the app on my Nexus 7.

Yup, these are all on the priority list for Android. I hope to get to it soon, but I have the web re-design in the works and that’s taking up all my time.

I’m new, trying out NewsBlur after Google’s announcement. I’m liking it a lot so far but I need an Android app that works for me and a way to save items for later (or at the very least mark them as unread) is essential. I’m glad to see this is on the list, even if it might be a while before you can get to it.

You can now save stories. Use the menu while viewing the story you wish to save for later.

I see the option to save stories now after the update (which I’m really glad to have), but is there a way to see your list of saved stories in the android app?

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Not yet, but it’s high on the list of things we want!

we really need the view of saved stories in android app ASAP :slight_smile:

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Yup, it’s being worked on as we speak.

great thank you for the feedback!