Android Share To or Save To NewsBlur

It’d be great if NewsBlur plugged into Android’s “Share To” feature. I often find myself coming across an article that I’d like to save to my NewsBlur Saved Stories - maybe it’s too long to read at the time or something I’d like to dive into (but not right now).

I’m using Readability for this but would much rather be able to save them to newsblur. Readability tries to do all kind of fancy reformatting and the like - admirable but not really what I’m after (and fails on occasion).


I use Zite and NEED this feature! At the moment I have to save the URL somewhere (I use Evernote) and later re-open it and share from a browser.

So you just want to be able to save arbitrary content/stories to Saved Stories? I built a way to share arbitrary content, but only through a bookmarklet that’s only available on the web. It would take a bit of work to make it work on the apps, since I have to extract the story from the URL and then give you a chance to approve it.

Making it work for web pages would be enough. The Pinboard app, for example, uses the Android Share menu like this (and you have an opportunity to write a summary, add tags). Screenshots and link to src here:

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If this existed I could happily never use a desktop reader again, and that’s really saying something :slight_smile:

Well, I lie. If there was two share options - one being “add new feed/subscription” and the other “add new shared item” - then it would be true.

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I’ve love this too. I wouldn’t even need it to parse the article, having a way to store arbitrary links for later reading would be enough (sometimes I find PDFs I don’t have time to read immediately).

I live in newsblur and miss out on individual articles because I don’t remember to come back to them.