Android: Search (or filter) ability


I have 450+ saved stories. The only way go through them currently is to scroll and hope you find the one you are after.

It would be really great to be able to filter the list by searching (topic or full context) making finding stories much easier.


app version: 4.3.2
android version: 5.1
device: LGE LG-H815 (msm8992)
username: tsuominen
memory: normal
speed: 72 feeds in conn:1023 read:6 parse:39 store:52
premium: yes
prefetch: no
keepread: no

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Saved story tags is on the roadmap for Android and may help you -

I would truly prefer seach to filter results (just like in Web) as I do not utilize tags (and to my experience, tag’s can easily become kind of obsolete due to based on WHAT a tag is set /story). So in short, my preference would be implementing search :slight_smile: Thx!

Hmmm, searching around here for a related concept: querying Saved stories with multiple tags so I get a shorter list more quickly.