Android: Please swap "All Stories" with the "Infrequent Site Stories"

Would it be possible to place “All Stories” below “Infrequent Site Stories”? The “Infrequent Site Stories” option was not there before and now I am selecting it constantly.

app version: 7.0 android version: 7.1.1 (ONEPLUS A5000_23_171031) device: OnePlus ONEPLUS A5000 (msm8998) sqlite version: 3.9.2 username: xxy server: default memory: normal speed: 44 feeds in conn:1209 read:2 parse:12 store:17 pending actions: pre:0 post:0 premium: yes prefetch: yes notifications: no keepread: no thumbs: no

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I second the idea, just for the iPhone app here. I also would favor an option to hide the “Infrequent Site Stories” button altogether.