Android: please allow improved punctuation recognition

I get letters that look like which can mean apostrophe, but something else too. See this text copied from a story.

Of course, this is one case study in one very specific areaâ

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This is possibly a device-specific issue.  Different versions of Android have varying levels of support for international characters.  I follow a number of blogs in Japanese and they fail miserably on certain (not necessarily older…) versions of Android.  If you have any particular feeds that exhibit issues, I can double-check where in the pipeline the compatibility issue is happening.

thank you.  I am only subscribed to English feeds.  Mostly it seems very standard punctuation but there was one a few days ago that showed as a block of html code.
I tend to read everything from ALL view, so do not relate teh problems to any one feed. I’ll try to read feed by feed and report back.