Android: material design

You guys really need to update to material design.

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I personally love the Android app as is.  material design is all fluffy and pretty, and wastes an awful lot of space.

Would also love to seen an update to Material Design, if for no other reason than easier browsing/collapsing of folders, which is a little weird right now.

What in particular would you like to se re: expanding and collapsing of folders? We already use the same expand/collapse widgets as provided for in MD, just with a different background and smaller margins (so you can fit more folders on screen).  Any specific taks that aren’t as easy as you would like?

It may be just because it’s the workflow I’m more used to in other apps, but having the drawer on the side lets me swap between things more quickly, and usually the buttons/text is fairly large? Or at least enough so that I can use my thumb to jog through them. Right now it seems like I have to tap ‘back’ a lot and aim pretty tightly to make things happen.

Certainly not awful, and I don’t want to sound overly critical, as it’s a totally useable app. It’s just nice to have the same basic patterns in all the programs I’m using as opposed to individual ones. That said, if it keeps allowing me to get through my articles, I’ve got no major complaints.

Definitely hear you on text/buttons potentially being a bit larger in light of the new standards.

Another thing that might not be obvious - when on a story list, you can bring back the feed list with a swipe from the left edge, just like re-opening a drawer.

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Did not know about the swipe! I will be using and abusing that from now on. Thanks for the tip! ^^