Android: Mark as unread, Widgets, and preview of articles?

I am wondering when the “mark as unread” option will be integrated into the Android app. As far as I read, it’s been on iOS for quite some time so what about Android?

Additionally, I’d love to see some good widgets for Android, for example similar to those of gReader. IMO widgets are core functionality with RSS readers on Android so it’d be nice to see those included here as well.

Furthermore I think the unread/focused articles overview could be improved. It just shows the headline of the article and the author at the moment. I’d vastly prefer the display of the first 1-3 lines of text of the article so you can better judge if it’s worth opening it up (as it is done by the better RSS readers at the moment). Maybe you could make it an option for those who prefer it the way it is right now…

Thank you!


Looks like mark as unread has been added as of today.