Android: home screen never updates

The main screen has not updated in weeks. However, everything else works correctly. I can read things, refresh, look at particular feeds our the full list of feeds. But it always says I have 74 unread entries, and they always look like they will be the same ones.

app version: 4.2.1
android version: 5.0.2
device: asus Nexus 7 (flo)
memory: normal
speed: 67 in 13 and 122
premium: yes
prefetch: yes


I’ve experienced this too. Even tried resetting the app by deleting data, but the count never updates. Really annoying.

This is a bug we’ve been chasing for many months where the Android app thinks the API is actually sending those unread numbers, but we haven’t been able to chase down why, since it is a transient problem.

If you’re comfortable sharing your NewsBlur username, we can take a deeper look and keep chasing the issue.

My newsblur username is samth.

I’m kevjava.  I uninstalled and reinstalled and it seemed to fix it, though.

@samth - when you pull to refresh (or hit refresh in the menu) does the status bar at the bottom of the feed list show and messages?

This problem was fixed by the most recent newsblur update.