Android: for some feeds article details do not make sense

Follow in the Android app. To view a comic, you have to click the feed, then the article, then the top of the article. After reading the comic, you click Back to get back to the feed list, then the next article, then the top of the next article.

This could be much smoother. For some feeds, the article level should be omitted, because you have to visit the site to view the content.

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That’s kind of particular to each feed. Can you use the new Text view for these stories? You want the extracted story or the original story. Essentially you want next/previous buttons while viewing the website. That exists on the web with Story view, but not iOS or Android. I might consider such controls, but I’m hesitant to increase the complexity for a feature few might use.

Thanks for your reply. Dilbert is a comic strip, so text mode won’t help :slight_smile:

It is indeed feed specific. Next/prev buttons wouldn’t help because the content is on their website only. I’d hope for a way that clicking in list view jumps to the website, not to the Newsblur article view.

Trying it out will make this much clearer than my explanation:…