Android: font size to small.

app version: 4.6.1
android version: 5.0.2 (LRX22G.T715XXU2AOJ4)
device: samsung SM-T715 (universal5433)
sqlite version:
username: urtypxxx
memory: normal
speed: 48 feeds in conn:802 read:2 parse:12 store:40
premium: yes
prefetch: no
keepread: no


Have you tried adjusting your system font size? (under Settings -> Display -> Font size) We’ve worked hard to ensure the NewsBlur app respects these changes everywhere there is text.  Additionally, you can bump up the text size for story content even a bit bigger past the system options via the menu button when reading a story (this will stick across all stories you read).

The Problem is the News listing. Font size from note4 is equal Samsung Tab s2. To small for me. I Don Not like to change the System Font size.

I agree. On my tablets, the folder/feed fonts have always been uncomfortably small. A setting to allow changing the size of that font would be welcomed. Changing the system font size – when it is completely fine for all other purposes – isn’t really the best solution.

Example: Note 4 vs. Tab 2s standard Systeme size

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Agreed…this has been a persistent problem. The photo above is an excellent example

Duly noted.  Thanks for the screenshots in particular.  It is sounding like at least a basic size setting might be in order, since we also have a number of devices where the font size is much too large by default, making this difficult to balance out across all the hundreds of DPIs various devices have. 

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