Android: Extremely slow loading, frequent crashes

Content loading is extremely slow, one minute to load the list of blogs, 30 seconds to load the list of posts on a blog. Seems like I can’t fetch all unread stories for offline reading.

App crashes frequently.

Please advise, thanks!

app version: 4.7.1
android version: 4.4.2 (KOT49H.I9195XXUCOE4)
device: samsung GT-I9195 (MSM8960)
sqlite version: 3.7.11
username: hussong
memory: normal
speed: 240 feeds in conn:1153 read:29 parse:334 store:287
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: yes
keepread: no

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I’m seeing extremely slow loading and frequent reappearing of read stories on the web ui as well. I think this may be system wide.

Web UI is pretty snappy for me, Android app still slow (on the same wifi), initial list of feeds seems to have gotten a bit better there, but list of stories in a feed still 30+ seconds.

Also seeing some slowness on both the web and via the app over the last hour.  Things do eventually go through, though.  The ability for the app to recover from connectivity issues like this (without hammering your battery) is one of the things we’re working on improving this year.