Android: Delete feed doesn't work

I love the new Android app and am happy it has shipped. There are however a few issues I’d like to report. The first one has been noted elsewhere but it is the listing of duplicate folders and feeds. I think you already mentioned that it will be fixed in the next release.

The other issue I’ve had a few times is that when I am reading a feed and select the “Mark all as read” option from the sub-menu I sometime accidentally hit the “Delete feed” option right below it. This is a problem and I’ve already deleted a few feeds unintentionally. Can you please add a confirmation box for deleting or figure out a way to prevent accidental deletes. I use mark all as read often and very rarely delete feeds but the two are right next to each other and it has been a problem.

The related issue that ended up being a good thing for me is that I don’t think the delete feed option even works in the Android app. The deleted feeds show up once I relaunch the app. In the future if I actually wanted to delete something then this would be a problem.


Using Android 4.2 on a Google Nexus 7 tablet.


Yes, a confirmation for deleting is going to be added. I know, kind of ridiculous.

As for it not working, I can confirm that it works for me. I’ll make sure it gets tested.

I just saw that you released an update to the Android app. I am assuming the delete confirmation isn’t included in this update. I’ll test the delete function again once I update the app to the latest version. Thanks!

For what it is worth, delete feed is still reliably failing in the Android client. Delete a feed, re-load, and the feed is right back. Only deleting the feed in the web client works and is eventually reflected in the Android client.

A related (?) bug I first encountered today is that moving feeds between folders does not appear to be reflected in the Android client. I moved several feeds between two folders in the web client. However, in the Android client, they remain listed under the old folder. Restarting the Android client or rebooting the Android tablet has no effect.

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I’ve also accidentally deleted feeds a few times, but they were never actually deleted. Renames of feeds and folders don’t seem to be accurately synced, either.

Deleting is fixed in the latest release. A confirmation dialog has also been added.