Android: delays reading existing articles while "catching up on reading actions..." for tens of seconds.


  • load newsblur/pull down to refresh. On either 4G or wifi. Wait for sync, see hundreds of posts, yay! Let’s get to reading.
  • open folder with, say, 5 items (I can’t feel a correlation between folder size and behavior)
  • maybe read one or two of them, “Mark all as read” (at the folder level)
  • return to folder view
  • attempt to click through to next folder of items to process

At this point, the screen will transition forward into the folder, but remain blank/empty/void of items. If I hit back, the loading “spinner” is going at the top, at least, and sometimes the “Catching up on N reading actions…” at the bottom is present. This can take anywhere from 5 - 60 seconds to actually work down, even if N=3.

I don’t mind how long it takes to sync up, but I do mind that I can’t read anything else while that’s happening async.

Let me know if I can provide any more detail.

(NOTE: While editing this, I noticed “prefetch: no” in the android detail dump, below, so I tweaked the Title a bit. I’ll enable prefetch to see if that changes things, this weekend.)

app version: 5.0.0 android version: 6.0.1 (MMB29M.G935VVRU4API3) device: samsung SM-G935V (msm8996) sqlite version: username: jsled server: default memory: normal speed: 790 feeds in conn:2354 read:155 parse:178 store:139 pending actions: pre:0 post:0 premium: yes prefetch: no keepread: no thumbs: yes

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I’ll point out, though, that this behavior changed sometime in the last … 3-4 weeks? (I’m on the android beta list, IIRC). It used to be very responsive to me jumping back and forth between scanning, mark-all-as-read and moving to the next folder … so long as I mentally remembered which folder I’d just “marked as read”, since sometimes it wouldn’t have been removed from the list when I went back to the folder list.

Looking at your app info, it sounds like your device is having a slow (but not impossible) time syncing up with the servers.  As you have noticed, it does essentially wait for mark-something-read commands to go through before loading up a new set of stories; this is because this *should* be incredibly fast, faster than you can click through to something new, and we wouldn’t want to show stale data.

For a quick fix, do try enabling Download Stories to prefetch them.  This will make it so that most stories are there and ready no matter what the network is doing.

Of course, I would also be curious to figure out what is causing things to go so slowly, even using WiFi on what appears to be a rather modern device.  Next time this happens, could you try disabling Image Preview Thumbnails, killing the app, and doing a pull-to-sync and see if that helps?  Or, if you are comfortable redoing your settings, logging out and logging back in?  Would love to get to the bottom of this.