Android: default browser

Is there a way to.customize the default browser of Newsblur only? I use chrome for my phone default but prefer to use Firefox Focus for Newsblur links.

I understand I can hold a title to open in any browser, but I’d always like to use Firefox Focus for Newsblur only.

There used to be an option, at least on iOS, for choosing between the in app browser, or any other browser installed. That seems to be missing from Android?

app version: 8.0.0
android version: 9 (PPR2.181005.003)
device: Google Pixel 2 XL (taimen)
sqlite version: 3.22.0
server: default
memory: normal
speed: 4 feeds in conn:312 read:1 parse:2 store:27
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: no
notifications: no
keepread: no
thumbs: no

Browser customization got a bit complex a few releases of Android ago, so for now our only option is to obey the system-wide default for opening links. This is definitely something folks have asked about in the past, but the answer is probaly going to be “it depends on your device”, even if we do add an option to try and control it.

semi-relevant issue tracked here:

Thanks for the follow up. I’ll keep an eye on the issue!