Android: Crashes While Scrolling Between Articles

App continues to occasionally crash while scrolling between articles. Occurs when scrolling within a specific feed. May also occur within general unread folder. Have been reporting crashes as they happen.

app version: 4.5.0b2
android version: 5.1.1
device: LGE Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
sqlite version: 3.8.6
username: nrbelex
memory: normal
speed: 0 feeds in conn:0 read:0 parse:0 store:0
premium: yes
prefetch: no
keepread: no

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Very annoyingly, all the crash reports we have so far still point to the Android System WebView being at fault, and there isn’t much we can do about that. :(  In a pinch, uninstalling updates to the WebView component (via the market) and then re-installing them has reportedly helped for some users.

Just rolled back and re-updated. Will report back. Thanks!

Still crashing, still reporting crashes. I understand Android System WebView may be buggy, but lots of apps use it, and none of them crash. Newsblur is largely unusable given how often it crashes. And this is on a Nexus with virtually nothing running in the background which could be causing issues.

Hmm, I am not getting any crash reports for your device.  Are you running a specialised ROM of any sort or have a firewall installed on your device or network that might be filtering them?

I’ve seen a marked increase in WebView lag on one of my devices, too, but nothing in the NewsBlur app has been changed in that regard.  If I can get my hands on even a single crash report, I might be able to figure out how we are using it in such a way that it is getting mad. (I suspect it might be because NewsBlur opens several WebViews all at once, something that most apps don’t do)

As a longshot, does this appear to happen more on some feeds than others?  Any feeds with stories that are particularly prone?

Nope, no ROM (standard 5.1.1 ), and no firewall. I’ve reported over mobile and wi-fi. Now I feel stupid for having reported over two dozen times, ha. Any way to manually get a hold of one and send it?

I haven’t noticed a particular feed causing it, but I’ll pay more attention.

Thanks for keeping an eye on this issue. It really is debilitating at times.

I think it seems to happen when a swipe to a new story happens at the same time as a picture loads on the new story. I’ve also seen it when scrolling through a long story which has several pictures and I scroll fast enough to be faster than the loading.

I just did the uninstall reinstall of the web view and havent seen it happen since. Hope it stays that way.

I’ve been seeing this a fair bit as well. I’m also on a Nexus 5, was on 5.1.1 and am now on 6.0. I’ll be sure to keep reporting any crashes.

Would it be possible to use the new Chrome Custom Tabs on marshmallow? Could that help with the crashes?

Yeah, something was definitely changed in the WebView over the last few months that has made it less stable when simultaniously loading multiple views so you can quickly tap/fling through them.  I’m currently playing with how to baby the WebView so it is less crashy, but so far it is coming at the cost of much, much slower loading of stories.  With luck, I will find some good middle ground for an upcoming release.

> Would it be possible to use the new Chrome Custom Tabs on marshmallow? Could that help with the crashes?

CCTs basically just load the page with your advertising cookies from external browsing, and don’t change which WebView engine is used, so I doubt it.  Plus, this looks to actually be more common pre-6.0 than on MM.