Android client sometimes reports a negative number of new stories

Sometimes, after marking a folder as read, the Android client displays a negative total number of unread stories. For reasons I don’t understand the number is often -5.

(This is after upgrading to the latest client - the old one used to crash at this point so this is a minor niggle, relatively speaking).


I’ve noticed this on and off, too. For me, a couple of times I’ve marked a category as read, then gone to All Stories, and one or more stories that I’ve already marked as read are in the All Stories view as unread. If I read them again, then I get negative numbers in my unread count. I get different numbers, but it does seem to correspond to the number of stories I read twice.

Refreshing has worked to fix the counts so far.

I’ve had this problem in both versions 1.2 and 1.3

In 1.2, I almost always got -4 unread. In 1.3, I’ve gotten -1 and -5 unread.