Android client on Kindle Fire won't log on

My username/password are working fine on the web, but failing while using the Android app on Kindle Fire.

Network seems to be working fine. I can even log into the web client via the Silk browser, but it would be nice to use the native client.

After trying to log on I get the “Logging in” and “Retrieving feeds” splash screen, but it kicks me back to the logon page with the pop-up error “There was a problem connecting to the network.”

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled to the latest client, but without affect.

Is there anything else I can do to try and fix this on my own?


I bet you’re running an older version of the app which has a bad certificate. I just uploaded an updated version to the Amazon Store. Should take a day to show up. Version 3.7.1.

Hooray! The updated version is on the Amazon App Store!

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work for me with my first generation Kindle Fire. I’ve completely uninstalled/reinstalled, but there’s been no change in behavior. But now the updated Amazon product page shows that the app is not compatible with my device. I’ve reinstalled by ignoring the warnings that pop up, but I have no way of knowing which version I’m getting, do I?

I’m happy to troubleshoot this with you, Samuel, under instructions.

Ohh, I couldn’t support the first generation Kindle anymore. It’s running Android 2x and the app is now 4+. You’ll have to run whatever version still works.