Android client is being neglected/no updates

I keep reading about all of the cool new features in the iOS clients; meanwhile the Android app has received something like two minor updates in the last six months and no feature upgrades.

I would not have paid for a premium membership if I had realized that app development was going to be one-sided. Please pay attention to your Android-using customers!!


The Android app not only does get regular updates, but I have a substantial update in the works that should be released either this week or next.

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wonderful to hear. I look forward to seeing the new release

Thanks. I went from the great ios app to a several-versions-old-feeling android app when I decided to switch teams and get a Note 3. Losing the extras the ios app has hurt!

Any updated ETA?

Check the Twitter account. It’s a big update, and if you know how to code you can beta it right now.

Will we get the same features as the ios7 version?