Android client 1.3.2 "never" reflects changes in feed naming or folder structure.

After editing of feeds (renaming, moving among folders) in the web app, the changes “never” (after 18 hours) are reflected in Android clients. No amount of refreshing gets the changes. The workaround is: after any editing of feeds in the web app, uninstall and reinstall all Android clients, and changes will be properly reflected. (Android version is 1.3.2; problem occurs on both a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 4, both fully up to date with Google releases.)

Extensive editing of feeds is unfortunately necessary, since import from Google Reader loses all renamings, and the use of a single hierarchy (rather than Google Reader’s tags) means that most feeds end up in the wrong folder and have to be manually moved. This makes it a several-hour process to try newsblur as a replacement.


It’s a well-known issue that’s being worked on. In the meantime, logging out of the app and back in will clear things up. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks, I looked but didn’t identify it as well-known. Logging out of / in to the Android app didn’t seem to work, but that may just be latency of updates. Uninstalling / reinstalling certainly does work, and hardly takes any longer.