Android:: "Built in browser", because twitter videos doesn't play on android

I think that I’ve already reported this android app bug, but know I think that a built in browser would be great, because a built in browser is able to do everything that a normal browser can do, so that newblur won’t need to worry just about about fixing this twitter video player bug and other similar bugs, because with a built in browser every user would be able to do anything without any bugs.A built in browser would be a bug solving feature for a lot of users and different websites too.

Also with a built in browser, the newsblur app could make an option to automatically show/load feeds in the full website version view.

I agree. On iOS we give users an option of using an in-app browser or use the full Safari browser with an app switch. Android should have a similar preference.

Thank you so much.It’s going to be an amazing feature if the implementation of this feature does not take way other features.