Android Beta version : returns to a different article after reading in a web browser

It used to be that I would click the link in a story to go to the browser for the full detail. Then when I backed out of the browser, I’d return to the same story in newsblur from which I left.

The problem now is that I keep finding I’m returning to an entirely different story in newsblur’s feed that is 10 or 40 articles away from where I left.

Today even stranger. I’d left newsblur open on my tablet, having read a story in it, but not returned to the list of stories. I looked at my weather app, checked eBay and went back to newsblur, which promptly loaded an entirely different article .


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Interestingly, this bug has always been around if you leave the app for long enough on the right devices. Are you seeing it more/worse in the beta? If we’ve exacerbated it, I will bump the priority of the fix.

Yes, I never saw it before using the beta, and I joined newsblur over a year ago.