Android beta: 14 stories from someone else's feed appeared in my timeline

This morning, v e r y slow. When my list of all unread stories finally arrived, it has 14 stories that must be from someone else’s newsblur account ;they are from feeds to which I do not subscribe. Also, they show as read, whereas my filter is set to unread only. I’ve rebooted my tablet, and they are still there.

I’ve had enough of the current beta (still 4.0.0b1). Please, when is the updated version due out?

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This sort of whiny anger or whatever you want to call it really runs counter to the whole definition of a beta. If you’ve had enough, it’t not especially hard to roll back to 3.7.1

We’ve got an update coming out later this week or next.

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Sorry, I am just incredibly frustrated that what was an excellent app has caused so much trouble as a beta update. More so than any other beta I’ve tried (and that has been many).

Ok Jason. How do I “roll back” please? (beta 2 either marks all threads as read, or none, when I ask it to mark all previous as read.)

Found it- there was a post in the Google plus community by Samuel, which gave a link to how to join the beta program. The play store page then also add a
ink for leaving the beta. After 5 minutes or so, the version shown in the play store reverted to 3.7.1, so I am now back on that.