Android apps not working.

I have the android app on my Kindle and Motorola Atrix and neither one is updating. I logged out of Kindle version and now cannot log back in. It reports “there was a problem connecting to the network”. Internet access via other apps/browsers works fine.

Problem started approximately 2014-04-23.


Hmm, not sure why it would’ve started yesterday. I *just* released an updated Android version today, just a couple hours ago. So that kind of rules the new version out.

Since nothing else has changed, I would double check your connectivity. I’m not sure that the API or Android app has changed anything on you.

I’ve got the same problem, the first time I noticed it was yesterday (April 24th) around sometime after 1 pm (gmt+2). I’ve got an older Android phone so I’m stuck with an older version. I actually was still using something older than the 3.5.4 (though I updated to that after the problem started) which I understand is the latest I can get to my 2.3.3 Android. The website works all fine on my computer, and so does the rest of the internet on my phone. Even a few restarts on the phone didn’t change a thing. I’ve tried syncing Newsblur several times now, but nothing has happened.

ETA: Can even access the web version of Newsblur with my phone (though it’s a bit of a pain with the small screen), so to me it does look like there’s something wonky with the app.

My Android version is 2.3.7 for the Atrix phone. I checked the Google Play store and noticed that it’s now reporting “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” when I view the NewsBlur app.

Understanding the Android platform is more complicated to code for due to the “extreme” fragmentation of the ecosystem - can this be fixed for those of us with older devices?

Great product overall - just miss the access via my mobile devices.

If you want the latest Newsblur version for your phone, you should check this thread:…
Won’t probably fix this problem, since I am using this and still having trouble, but it’s the latest version available for us with older phones.

Thanks Emma. Didn’t work for me either though.


Do you feel this issue might be resolved for older Android devices or should we try a NewsBlur compatible RSS reader?


P.S. Just installed Blar and it works with my NewsBlur account.…

I just has a thought. 2.5.0 works. 3.0.0 doesn’t work. 3.0.0 uses HTTPS and 2.5.0 uses HTTP. The HTTPS cert was replaced recently. I wonder if this could be related?

Ohh, you nailed it. Thanks John! Yes, it’s the cert that’s the problem. Hmm, not sure of a good way to handle this, since I don’t want to put out another update that targets older devices. Also not sure why the cert’s signature had to be embedded.

Can you just provide a link to a corrected apk for starters? Again, right now there are no Newsblur options in the Google Play store for these older devices (like mine).

There are links in this thread…

I would rather use an official link from a developer than install a third party software to obtain it.

Any idea when and how this might be fixed?