Android app?

Is in schedule? Just to know :slight_smile:


An Android app is kind of out of my scope since I don’t have an Android device to develop on, and I’m working on the iPhone app as we speak.

However, I did just launch the NewsBlur API so that some enterprising Android developer could build their own app (and charge money for it!). It’s a great opportunity for somebody who either knows how to make Android apps, or wants to learn. NewsBlur’s a great platform with thousands of users, so it makes sense that an API could make an Android app happen faster than I’m going to be able to make it happen myself.

Just attended Google I/O and now I’m super pumped to make a Newsblur android app. Does anyone want to tag team it with me?

I love you. Sadly, I’m totally a newbie, so I’d be useless. I wish you good luck, though!

It is possible that you’ll get 500 errors on some of the API calls. Just email/IM me at and I’ll get them fixed ASAP. It’s a living, breathing platform being supported solo, so there are some kinks. But you’ll get prominent placement on the dashboard, so it’ll be a nice project to say you built and get to make whatever profit you can.

Ben, any news on your Android app? :slight_smile:

I’d like to suggest whoever tackles this makes it free, open source software and charge for its .apk while making it available on f-droid too.


Back burnered while I tackle some things at work. Still on the table, though.

Let us know, then!

Awesome! I want an iPhone app for NewsBlur so badly!!!

I found NewsBlur two days ago and liked it quite a bit. I’ve made an Android app for it, called Blar (clever, I know) and it’s now availible on the market here.

Here’s a screenshot:

I plan to open source the code within a few days, you can follow me @hanoran if you’d like to know when that’s ready.


Fantastic work! And much more timely than my non-effort. You’ll be getting my dollar.

I’m glad to see there is finally an app. You have my dollar as well.

Now that I’ve bought it, a couple of feature requests :slight_smile:

  1. Folders
  2. Show the name of the feed on the feed item when viewing all unread feed items.
  3. Check the character encoding, because I’m getting a lot of weird characters that look like encoding errors.

Otherwise, a really great start! Thanks for making this client.

Nice work! A couple of suggestions. I don’t like how it logs me out when I press the back button, it should let me logged in. Another thing is the integration with Newsblur settinhg (most notably the “no strikethroughs”).

Awesome work, I’m thrilled to have an Android app out there. I’ve sent quite a bit of feedback by email. This should also encourage some competition with the other Android app developers. I’ll be happy to feature each app that passes the v1 test (has everything this app has, plus folders, sorting, intelligence, and the river).

@dukkokun Thanks for the feedback, I will work on that. As far as I can tell, though, the strikethrough preference would have to be implemented at the API level in order for it to work cleanly.

One more thing I almost forgot. Notifications! It’d be awesome to have notifications for unread feeds (maybe push?)!

@dukkokun I just pushed an update that includes the back button fix you requested. I’ll keep notifications in mind for the future.

@Ben Thanks for the requests, I’ll keep them in mind for future releases. I think the character encoding may be a fault on the API’s part, but I’m not sure.

Really good work Hanoran! Keep us posted! :slight_smile: