Android app, with battery saver on, article loading animation is blinkin' annoying (literally)

On Android (Nexus 5, Android 6.0), when Battery Saver mode is turned on, the article-loading animation on the top becomes a very fast blink, as animation effects are removed from the system in that mode.

Interestingly, the general update/fetch animation does not seem to be affected.


Ooh, good catch.  Haven’t yet had much of a chance to play with BS mode in 6.0, so definitely do let us know if you find any other oddities with it turned on.  I’ll pop in a fix for the flickering shortly.

Ye, same problem here under 5.1.1, takes like 10 sec to reload the feeds list every time, any way to fix it or could it be my fault on settings? Thanks for the work though:)