Android app white space

I’ve noticed in almost all my feeds that there’s a ton of whitespace between the end of a feed story/post and where the buttons to share/save are. It’s minor but it renders the buttons at the bottom almost worthless.

If needed I can provide more info/screenshots.


Please do provide screenshots. I’ve been trying to get this resolved, but it’s hard to do. By the way, if you exit the feed and go back in, do you get the same white space every time?

Here’s a few different pictures and the post URLs associated with them. As you can see there’s a range of how much whitespace is shown, even to the point where it’s over a full page height of space.…………

Hope that helps!

Sorry–forgot about your question.

I can’t find a good way to “exit the feed” and enter it again to view an already read post. Even if I set the app to view “All” feeds, I can only view unread posts (maybe because I have the webapp set that way?).

What I did try was going directly to a feed; then directly to a post; going back one level to the feed; then back into the post. When I do that, the whitespace is the same both times on the post.