Android app to auto sync every hours on wifi connections.

I wish my Android app could auto update sync on wifi so that when I am in the subway I can read article offline. By the way thanks for giving us such a great service.


Read status should be synced every time you hit the story titles list, even if you are offline.

I am not sure I understood this request the same as Samuel. When it’s offline, the app can’t sync unless miracles happen. Sync is a communication event between severs and clients, no network of some sort, no sync. But if the stories were synced periodically, I would have at least some entries to read. This is not only for when I am in the subway, but it would make the program a lot more responsive. I have to watch the spinning icon so much that I get tired of reading and I go do something else. If all feeds where synced in the background, even with the screen off, no user action whatsoever, the app would be far more responsive and we could use it in the subway as well. For me this is what’s keeping me to go newsblur all the way. The Reader app is so ready when you have time to read it’s a different experience. There are no spinning icons because there’s no need for spinning icons. This is not about read status, this is about feed content. I hope I am not completely hijacking this request with something different but I think this is what the OP intended.