Android App: Save Images

Good morning! I would LOVE to be able to save Images (longpress them then select a save option) in the Android App.

Example: I read several image-based Twitter Feeds in Newsblur. Sometimes I want to save an image for my collection. Although the image has been downloaded full-res inside the Newsblur app, I still need to click the link, open a browser, download the Image again and then save it.

This most like requires the Android App to request permission to save Images, but it would be a great timesaver.

Thank you for your great work and Grüße aus Deutschland,



You can long-press most images in the app and it will bring up an “OPEN IMAGE” option that will open the exact image seen in the story in your default browser of choice, from which there should be a save option and a plethora of share and Send To options. No need to click links!

That does not seem to work for images that have a clickable link. It definitely does not work with any image that is inside a Twitter feed that is added as a source to Newsblur. When I long press I get the “buzz” vibration feedback but no functionality at all.

Sounds like there might be an underlying problem with the stories being provided by the twitter feeds. I’ll see if I can track down an example and track down which later needs some love. (the Android app treats twitter feeds like any other feed - if the HTML for the image is to spec, all normal functions should work)

It looks like this is a problem with some methods of subscribing to Twitter feeds. Their generated story HTML is missing the required alt attribute or the alternative title attribute on images. (the Android app sniffs for to-spec img tags in order to create the long-press pop-up for images) If we can’t get the source feeds fixed up, we might be able to do some trickery in the app to relax the HTML requirements.

Okay, patched the Android app so it will allow direct opening of more images that aren’t quite to spec. Users on older browser component versions might get some unpredictable behaviour for images that are also links but point to different URLs, but in all other cases, long-press on images and links should go to the right place. Look out for the next update to the app.