Android app re-renders tweets?

hi all! i use to read tweets in newsblur. (it gives me my entire feed, not just individual users, which is why i use it instead of newsblur’s built in twitter support.)

recently, the android app has been detecting that this feed includes tweets and re-rendering them on its own. the results aren’t horrible, but i prefer the original content and style from .

is this intentional? is it part of newsblur’s built in twitter support, and maybe a bit too broad? any idea how to turn it off?

thanks in advance!

here’s a screenshot:

here’s the same item in web newsblur, which renders it as i’d expect, using the original HTML content from the feed:

argh, apologies, this was user error. I’d accidentally switched that feed to Story mode instead of Text. switching back fixed it. sorry for the false alarm!

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