Android App not working on new Lollipop preview build

Just flashed the new Android 5.0 (Lollipop) dev preview image and the Newsblur app force closes every time I open it.

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This is a known issue and is being worked on -…

Any updates? The app is unusable on a Nexus 6 or any other lollipop devices. The N6 is out now and updates for Nexus devices are coming very soon.

Please fix, I need a Newsblur fix!

This was released to the beta channel this afternoon.

If you aren’t already using the beta, you can do so here:…

In 4.0.0.b5 the “All Site Stories” entry is missing, although it does run on the Lollipop devices. Mixed bag.

When I visit the link mentioned in the plus post it tells me that there’s either not a test running or I’m not eligible. I’m assuming it’s gated on a signup, how would I go about that?

You need to join the G+ community first:…