Android app is buggy

Why is every new release of the Android app buggier than the one before? This one keeps hanging up on a screen that says “loading” or something. Can I go back to the original which at least did the basics right?

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That may be your experience, but it isn’t mine. While there have been some bumps in the road (including recently), the current Android version is much less buggy and more functional than early versions.

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Unread counts STILL off.
Reading one site in a folder marks all others in folder as read.
Navigation within a site is off by one – unread link goes to different link.
After reading last on a site, screen says “loading” and keeps on doing that until app is closed and re-opened.
None of those problems existed in first version and all of them are there now.
It’s buggy as all get out.

What version of the app are you running? Some of these were indeed bugs before 3.5.5, but should be fixed therein.

I uninstalled 3.5.5 (with the new background fetching that doesn’t) this morning when it angered me–again.
I have a Nexus 4 running 4.42 with kernel 3.4.0-perf-g2cae413 and the build # is KOT49H.

It is with a shameful face that I report that after uninstalling 3.5.5 and waiting a day and re-installing it, all the problems I had been observing were resolved. I do not know if there were issues with the way Android applies updates/patches or perhaps a persistant stash of corrupted data but it is all very happy now and I am wearing a hair shirt for the remainder of the day.

Good to hear that, Don.

That’s good to hear. We also have an update coming later this week that fixes the last few remaining issues we could find, mainly around unread counts.


I have an issue with version 3.5.5 that havn’t been mentioned earlier in this topic or in other topics. The list of stories under Saved Stories won’t reload. This means that I can go through all my saved stories and unsave them, but the list remains the same, the unsaved stories isn’t removed from the list. If I logout and login the unsaved stories are removed. I first experienced the problem in the past few days, I think with version 3.5.5 perhabs 3.5.4.
The problem occurs both on my Nexus 7 and my Sony Xperia V.

Is this a know bug?

Regards Bjarke

Known and fixed.

Okay. I’ll look forward to the update.