Android App - functionality? Offline, sync over wifi, mark as unread etc

Hi there,

Just come from GR + Newsrob, and wondering if you have any plans to support similar functionality, specifically:

  • Offline Syncing over wifi (my train commute has no 3g signal)
  • Mobiliser support (e.g., Pocket or Instapaper)
  • The ability to mark articles as unread (if I accidentally read them)

Are you entirely unable to sync when on wifi only? During these times, can you still reach via a browser or laptop?

If you get offline sync on the Android app, I will subscribe at the highest paid level.
This means, sync overnight or on some agreed time interval, let me read offline on my commute and store up the read messages, resync the read blog items back to the server when wifi is available again.

The android news reader ‘newsrob’ does this very well, but progress on that app has halted a while ago.

You are really close to my ideal replacement for offline android blog reading… yay!


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+1 for mark as unread

Having offline caching with pre-download at set intervals is critical for me. I have a long subway commute, where internet access is impossible.

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android app needs ton of work to be done… starting with basic functions like make news unread would be great :wink: J

Also a +1 from me for mark as unread.

Blar has a button for this but the original NewsBlur App has a better look and feel but without this tiny feature ist is a show stopper for me :frowning:

I have almost thought that i have found the perefct google reader replacment, until i realised that there is not mark us unread in the mobile app.

so + 99999999 for that function

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Lucky for you, it is coming in the next update.

Looks like mark as unread has been added as of today.

News+ for android looks great, syncs wiith NewsBlur and blows away all the other apps.

Marking as unread (or saving) is particularly important for the Andriod app since I usually scan more than read on my phone.


Offline is important to me as well. The performance of the app is soooo slow I’d much rather have it sync overnight. Plus, a good chunk of the train ride to work has no signal…