Android App Feature Requests (Features found in the Google Reader app)

I’m another refugee from Google Reader. I read a lot of items on my Android device using the supplied Google Reader app. There are a couple of features in the Android Google Reader app that I’d love to see in the NewsBlur Android app. In fact I’d almost say I NEED the following two which are long press menu pop-ups.

  1. A long press on an image brings up a menu item to either:
    1.a. View the image
    1.b. View the alt tags / caption
    1.c. Copy the image url
    1.d. Save the image (I’d rather beable to save than set as a background)
  2. A long press on an item in the feed brings up a menu to either:
    2.a. Mark the item as read / unread
    2.b. Mark all previous items as read (this includes the current item)
    2.c. Save the item
    2.d. Share the item

Please implement these.


Especially ‘Mark all previous items as read (this includes the current item)’ is the must have killer feature a _*really*_ want in both the NewsBlur Andoroid App and the web interface.

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I’m right there with you - the “mark previous as read” option is all that’s missing from the Android app to make it perfect.

I’d also like to add “Copy as much of Newsr’s tablet interface as you possibly can” (assumed request: actually have a tablet interface).

At this point, Newsr, an app made by NotGoogle is the thing I miss most about Google Reader.…